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Heat Pressing

Sosa Original has been customizing motocross jerseys since the 90's. We are proud of our methods and material we use. Our results stand out above the rest, and are incredibly durable and will stand years of wear and wash. We produce jerseys for sport teams and race teams as well. Heat pressing material produces a crisp and clean appearance and is has a soft feel. 


Do you have a company logo that you want on just a few garments? Heat pressing is a perfect economical solution. We can heat press on cotton, polyester, and virtually any item that can lay flat on our heat press board.

The incredible variety of effects and finishes allow the fashion designer to make a fashion line that stands out brilliantly. We have glitter, fuzzy flock, metallic, shiny, matte, reflective, and carbon material in many colour options for you to choose from. You are welcome to stop by and see our selection. 

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