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Silk Screen Printing
Despite new developments in digital printing, the silk screen technique remains the best solution for high quantities of prints on clothing. The application involves pushing ink through a stenciled screen onto a garment. Most commonly, we print on t-shirts and hoodies, but we have also printed on jerseys, pants, raincoats, bandannas, towels, and duffel bags! If you're not sure if we can print on it, just give us a shout and we'll let you know. 
Our shop is capable of printing up to 7 colours, bitmap tones, and all-over prints, so you don't have to compromise on how you want your print to look. If you need a specific Pantone colour, we can mix it for your order. We also have a variety inks that produce different effects. You can read about them below.
Plastisol Inks

This is the industry standard for screen printing. These inks produce vibrant and durable prints. They are versatile and hold a great level of detail. Plastisol inks have varied formulas adapted for different fabric types. We have inks for various materials, and always use the best ink formula for your garments. These inks cure with heat, so when you get your products from us, they are ready to wear. We have hundreds of colours including florescent and glitter, and can mix Pantone formulas. 


Discharge printing is a printed dye removal process. This is only suitable to garments with a high natural fibre content. 100% cotton, bamboo, or hemp will produce the best results. The stencil is printed on fabric with the discharge chemical and when heat activated, removes the dye from the fabric. The discharge chemical can be pigmented to add colour at the same time, or can be printed with plastisol inks if brilliant colours are desired. A discharge print stands out because it has no feel on the shirt. There is some residue after printing that will need to be laundered before wearing.

Raised Inks

High density and puffed ink both produce a raised effect. These will make your design stand out from the rest. High density gives a flat, even, crisp appearance, like cut rubber. Puffed ink produces a soft, swollen effect. These inks are best for larger, simple designs, and are not to be layered on top of or jigsawed between one another like other inks.

Vinyl Ink

Vinyl ink is a great solution for long lasting applications on higher quantities of plastics and outdoor materials. We have used vinyl ink for items like signs, raincoats, and duffel bags. This ink is best used with larger, simple designs.

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